ANRAMIN produces products that are pre-mixed drinks based on herbs and goat’s milk. Our company already produces 9 products which created using our own recipe by our founder. We are focusing on producing a high-quality product that meets our customer needs. 

 These are 9 products with ANRAMIN brand: 

  • Premix Goat Milk with Dates 
  • Premix Goat Milk with Coffee 
  • Premix Goat Milk Teh Tarik with Ginger 
  • Premix Goat Milk with Oats and Dates 
  • Coffee Premix Tongkat Ali  
  • Coffee Premix Kacip Fatimah 
  • Coco Kurma (Premix Cocoa and Dates) 
  • Coklat Nash 
  • Premix Lemon Tea With Pudina 
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  • Produce nutritious and high-quality products and suitable for all groups. 
  • Produce products that meet the tastes of all customers. 
  • Become a producer that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) 
  • Open new branches throughout the country. 


To be the best Bumiputera (Islamic) company in the production of herbal-based pre-mixed beverage products using 4.0 technology and become well known in Malaysia and International.